16:00 – 16:30
Keynote Lecture by Paul L. Iske, PhD
Brilliant Failures: If we knew what we are doing, we wouldn’t call it research
Location: Cinema 3

In this session we discuss the importance of accepting failure as a welcome, inevitable and valuable aspect of life in general and R&D in particular. So, better understanding of risks, supporting those who try, whether they succeed or fail, is key for achieving progress. This is the mission of the Institute of Brilliant Failures: achieve a double fear reduction: people should feel free to come forward with new ideas and to experiment, while on the other hand one should not be afraid to talk about and learn from failures. In the presentation, we will introduce a methodology to identify and learn from failures and use some examples of Brilliant Failures. The aim is to convince the audience that learning from failure is an integral part of development I healthcare.